Canada's Great Kitchen Party
A regional qualifier for the Canadian Culinary Championships
Providing young Canadians the opportunity to be
extraordinary through sport, music and food.

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Charitable Tax Receipt
Companies: If paying for tickets with a company cheque or company credit card Canada's Great Kitchen Party will send a statement of purchase to use, as a business receipt or proof of payment. The full amount on the statement/invoice is what your accountants will use to record as a PR or marketing expense.

Individuals: If paying for tickets with a personal cheque or credit card you are eligible, upon request, for a charitable tax receipt from MusiCounts (charity # 10684 2057 RR0001) or Community Food Centres Canada (charity #833914484RR0001) for a portion of the purchase allowable as per CRA guidelines. Receipts will be mailed by January 30, 2020.
Corporate payment
I will be paying by corporate cheque or corporate credit card and will submit the CGKP issued statement/invoice to corporate accountants as a record of the purchase.
Personal Tax Receipt
I will be paying with a personal cheque or personal credit card and am interested in a charitable tax receipt from MusiCounts or Community Food Centres Canada.